About the CD Program

CD Program

A triple CD Program accompanies the ‘Enlightened Birth’ book.  Each CD in this program is designed to enhance and reinforce the knowledge and wisdom you gain from reading ‘Enlightened Birth’.  Listening to these CD’s throughout your pregnancy will support your body in maintaining an optimum womb life for your baby, and help create a deep energetic bond between you both well before birth.  This program empowers you with confidence and belief in your body’s innate birthing ability.  It will guide you towards a calm, positive birth and complete post natal recovery.  Together, this book and CD program enriches every aspect of this uniquely feminine experience.

CD 1 Relaxation & Baby Bonding

CD1 coverCD 1 is designed to be listened to daily throughout pregnancy.  This CD guides you through the abdominal breathing and relaxation techniques you will learn from reading ‘Enlightened Birth’.  It helps to balance energy flow and promotes baby bonding.  Regular use of this CD will help maintain an optimum womb life for your baby, by reducing any stress hormones circulating within your system.  
This in turn creates a healthier, calmer and more harmonious environment for your baby.

This CD finishes by taking you through positive pregnancy and birthing affirmations.  Affirmations are short statements of belief, that when practiced regularly is a very empowering tool.  These affirmations can help change any existing negative beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your birthing potential or they can be used to reinforce and strengthen positive beliefs you may already have regarding pregnancy and birth.

CD2:  7 Centres Inner Smile

CD2 coverCD 2 is designed to be listened to at least once a week throughout pregnancy.  This unique CD uses specifically chosen energy music to guide you thought directing high vibrational, smiling energy to the seven main energy centres of your body.  An awareness of these energy centres can help you identify certain areas of your life you may need to enhance and strengthen. This in turn, raises your potential for experiencing an enlightened birth.  Bonding isheightened through the release of ‘feel-good’ endorphins flowing between you and your baby, through the Inner Smile, an ancient Taoist practice.

CD3: Track 1: Enlightened Birth Preparation | Track 2: Post Natal Relaxation & Recovery

CD3 coverCD 3 has two tracks.  Track 1 helps prepare you and your baby for the enlightening birth you have been working towards throughout pregnancy and can be listened to from 37 weeks. Enlightened birth affirmations at the end of this CD further reinforces your positive expectations of experiencing an empowering, calm and positive birth for both you and your baby.

Track 2 may be listened to after the birth of your baby.  It helps promote complete recovery and restore vitality.  Taking this ‘me time’ after birth will help ease your adjustment to motherhood.  By taking care of yourself you are taking care of your baby, as you are their whole world.  A happy Mum is a happy baby.  Continued self-care after birth will enhance instinctive mothering and enjoyment of this wondrous new phase of your life.

Inner Harmony: General Relaxation & Energy Flow CD

CD1 cover
‘Inner Harmony’ is a general relaxation and energy flow CD.  Is it ideal for birth partners to listen to as it will help reduce their own stress level. Over a backdrop of beautiful soothing music, this CD guides the listener through abdominal breathing and visualisation techniques that will initiate the body’s relaxation and healing response.

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