About the Author – Aisling Connolly

‘It is every woman’s right to birth her baby with complete belief in her ability to do so, and to experience the pure, spiritual potential of birthing. It is every baby’s right to be birthed calmly and lovingly into this world’ – Aisling Connolly.


I have been a qualified bio energy therapist since 2004 and have an honors science degree from the University of Limerick. I run a full time bio energy clinic from Clarinbridge, Co. Galway, where I specialise in Women and Children’s health, fertility and pregnancy. As a mother of four children this is an area I feel passionately drawn to. I fully believe that consciously preparing for conception, pregnancy and birth, give babies the best possible start in life. Working as a bio energy therapist I have seen the effects birth shock and trauma can have on a child. Many childhood complaints such as colic, eczema, anxiety, night terrors and dyslexia can be traced back to womb or birth trauma. So often, this type of trauma could have been avoided.

I feel strongly that birth is widely misunderstood and misrepresented. For as long as I can remember I have had an unquestionable belief in my birthing body. I felt compelled to write this book and CD program to help other women rediscover their natural, innate birthing ability. The seeds of this program grew from my own four births, each one of which taught me something different, facilitating a deeper level of understanding for my birthing body. It is time for us to change the general perception of birth and embrace it for the empowering, life-changing experience it really is. Preparation is the key to achieving a calm, positive birth for both you and your baby.This program shares with you everything you need to experience an enlightening birth. It shares the knowledge I have gained during my ten years as a bio energy therapist and aims to unlock an intuitive feminine wisdom that is innate within us all. My vision is to see babies come into the world in the way they were always meant to, with ease and grace. We have lost our way a little but I hope that this program will relight the path for you to achieve your enlightened birth.

Plexus Bio-Energy

In my clinic I see both adults and children for all types of ailments and conditions but specialize in women and children’s health, fertility and pregnancy. Plexus bio-energy is carried out over four consecutive days, for 45 minutes to 1 hour per day.Initially at the clinic I will scan the energy field around the patient’s body to locate any areas of imbalance. This is done using a series of hand movements which help to re-establish the flow of energy through the body. Over the four days a series of protocols are applied to correct any energy disturbances that may have been detected, creating a better environment for the body to restore and maintain full health. Once the energy flow is re-established the energetic frequency within each cell is raised, promoting healing and well being. This therapy can be used for any pregnancy ailment or to simply maintain a beneficial, balanced environment for yourself and your baby during pregnancy. Any woman attending my clinic for bio energy while following the Enlightened Birth program can avail of additional support and tutoring upon request.

For further information on Plexus bio-energy please visit www.bioenergyclinic.ie
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