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“Inspiring Conscious Parenting from Conception, helping to create an optimum womb environmentand unlock your innate birthing potential”

Welcome to Enlightened Birth and congratulations on your pregnancy.  As you embark on this amazing journey to motherhood, and have chosen to become a conscious parent you are truly giving your baby a wonderful start in life.  An awareness of the importance of life before birth for your baby builds the foundations of a healthy, happy future for your child. Attaining the inner knowledge and insights that are deep within us awakens our birthing potential making an enlightened birth possible.

It is my sincere intention that this book helps you experience a pregnancy and birth that is both spiritual and empowering.  I wrote this book as a mother of four children who has had the privilege of experiencing enlightened births and all it entails. This book is based on my own births, each one of which taught me something different, facilitating a deeper level of understanding for my feminine body. Birthing in this way must be planned for no matter how confident you are in your birthing body.  I discovered this during my first birthing, when strict active management meant my voice went unheard and I did not achieve the birth I desired, not just for myself but for my baby. This experience fuelled my determination to ensure my body was given the freedom to birth my other three children as it so wished.

I believe the time has come to take back control of how we birth our babies. It is time for women to start supporting each other on this journey and speaking more positively of our birth experiences.  Pregnancy and birth is uniquely feminine and has the potential to instil feelings of immense personal confidence and belief in yourself that will stay with you throughout life.

It is my wish that this book encourages women to welcome and embrace pregnancy and childbirth,to restore belief in their body’s ability to give birth and when the time comes, to ‘surrender’ to their birthing bodies. We cannot be trained to give birth; we instinctively know how to birth our babies. However, when we hand over all control and responsibility of our pregnancy and birthing to the medical profession, we lose the ability to look within, listen to and trust our body to perform this amazing event it has been perfectly designed to do.   This book is written to enable your journey back to remembering, back to trusting.  Stepping out of your bodies way and allowing your body to birth your baby as nature intended, will see you welcoming your baby into this world fully aware in body, mind and spirit.

The nine months before your baby is born is as important as the birth of your baby.  The use ofthis book during pregnancy helps create an environment for your baby to flourish.  Learning to feel and work with your body’s energy, practicing abdominal breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques all help to nurture your baby from within.  With practice these techniques will become like second nature and your positive expectations towards birth will become engrained within.

Using this life changing time to strengthen the physical and emotional connection between you and your partner will be of immense benefit to you during birthing and early parenthood.  Including your partner in you preparation during pregnancy helps them feel more involved.  Paternal bonding during pregnancy will help your partner and baby feel more familiar with each other from birth.

When you expect a positive birth experience, you send that intention within yourself and beyond yourself.  These beliefs initiate a series of biochemical reactions within your body that will maximise the possibility of what you desire to occur.  Your intention sets everything in motion to achieve your enlightened birth.

We are all on our own unique journey.  This book is not strict or rigid in any way, it simply creates a structure to enable your rediscovery, setting no limits or boundaries to what you wish to achieve.  Take from it what works best for you.  This may change throughout your pregnancy.  You may choose to try all the suggestions in this book, or stick to just one or two.  The breathing techniques are the one vital component that I can guarantee from experience, if you master will support you through your whole journey, from pregnancy, birthing and beyond.

It is time for us to really understand just how natural an experience pregnancy and birthing really is. Preparation is the key which will unlock your birthing potential and the door to your desired, enlightened birth.  We need to prepare both our body and our mind for this transformational event.   It makes no sense at all that Mother Nature would make birthing our children difficult.  Our bodies are made to birth our children with ease and innate confidence. We have to get back to listening to our inner self.   It is time to forget all that we may have been told and remember what we have forgotten.  Embrace and put all your trust in your birthing body.

“Babies welcomed at conception, prepared for during pregnancy, and gently birthed into loving hands begin life positively.  They look out at the world with immense interest and curiosity, act as if they feel safe, and make a solid connection with their parents”

Dr. David Chamberlain, The Mind of Your Newborn

Conscious Parenting

Active, conscious parenting begins from the moment of conception. Womb life for your baby may perhaps be the most important and influential time of their entire lives. When we accept the now proven belief that babiesare aware of and respond to their environment webegin to parent consciously.  Until relatively recently it was generally believed that babies were unable to process memory or learning until months after birth. It had long been assumed that babies in the womb and newborn babies had no memory or felt no pain. Suggestions that parents could positively influence their children’s lives before they were born were met with scepticism. However, scientific research has more than proven womb life to be of huge importance to your baby’s future. You and your baby are in constant chemical and energetic communication.

David Chamberlain, a pioneer in pre and perinatal psychology writes in his book ‘The Mind of Your Newborn Baby’, “The truth is, much of what we have traditionally believed about babies is false. They are not simple beings but complex and ageless – small creatures with unexpectedly large thoughts.”

In Pregnancy, you are creating a new life. The baby growing inside of you is receiving constant signals from the outside world and is fully and consciously connected to you. Your environment is your baby’s environment.

Dr. Thomas Venry, writes in his book Pre-Parenting: Nurturing Your Child from Conception:  “In fact, the great weight of the scientific evidence that has emerged over the last decade demands that we re-evaluate the mental and emotional abilities of unborn children.  Awake or asleep, the studies show, they (unborn children) are constantly tuned into their mother’s every action, thought and feeling.  From the moment of conception, the experience in the womb shapes the brain and lays the groundwork for personality, emotional temperament, and the power of higher thought”

Conscious Parenting does not lie solely in a mothers hands.  Even though your baby is carried in your womb, your partner also has a very important role to play from conception.  What your partner does, your interactions together as a couple, affects you, which in turn affects your unborn baby.  This will be explained in greater detail later.  Your partner can bond very significantly with your baby before birth.  This will help foster feelings of familiarity for him when your baby is born.  Very often, fathers may feel that they have nothing really to offer during pregnancy and can sometimes even distance themselves from it.  This is not the case at all.  By providing a loving, open and supportive environment a father can make a huge difference to the quality of his child’s womb environment.

Brice Lipton PH.D, in his book ‘The Biology of Belief’ says “The essence of conscious parenting is that both mothers and fathers have important responsibilities for fostering healthy, intelligent, productive and joy-filled children”.

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