Enlightened Birth

From Womb to World

book‘Enlightened Birth’ comprises of a book and CD program that will guide and support you through pregnancy; from conception to those transitional early weeks of motherhood.  It has been written with the sincere intention of empowering women during pregnancy and in preparation for birth.  Today, more than ever, we fully realise just how important and influential womb life and birth experience is at shaping our children’s future health – both physically and emotionally.  This unique program provides you with all the information and guidance you will need to create an optimum, thriving womb environment, helping to safeguard your baby’s future.

The overwhelming advantages of being birthed into the world calmly and gently, with no birth trauma cannot be underestimated for your baby.  Babies birthed in this way begin their life from such a positive position, imprinting in them feelings of self-belief, confidence and trust.  This book gifts you with all the feminine wisdom you will need to discover your innate birthing ability, where a natural, calm birth becomes an achievable and realistic expectation.

You will discover:

  • The importance of conscious parenting from conception
  • How to work with your energy to improve overall vitality and positively influence your pregnancy and birth.
  • How to bond with your baby in the womb
  • Develop and strengthen your breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques.  This empowers you with the necessary tools to support you and your baby through pregnancy and birth.
  • How to effectively deal with and manage your stress, for both you and your baby’s health
  • Exactly how our birthing body works, making it very clear just how possible it is to achieve an enlightened birth.
  • How to focus within and trust your birthing body.
  • Instinctive mothering

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