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  • When can I start the program?

    This Program can be started at any stage during pregnancy.  The earlier the better, but even if you have only discovered this program in the later stages of your pregnancy you will still benefit from reading the book and listening to the CD program.

    How is this program different from other Natural Birth Methods?

    This program is unique in many ways.The most powerful and transformative aspect of this program is learning how to work with, and positively influence your own energy system.  Science has long established that the human body is made up of energy.  In working with the energetic structure, you are working at the very deepest level within your body, where real change can occur.  When we understand and accept this reality, real empowerment is attained.  This program teaches simple energy exercises, that when practiced regularly will help maintain an optimum womb world for your baby, creating a very real and tangible bond with your baby long before birth.  When the time comes to birth your baby, these exercises will work in synergy with all other breathing and visualization techniques you have learned during this program, to produce much more effective result.  Participating fully in this program offers unlimited potential and will see you grow and develop a deeper level of awareness.

    You will gain insight into the physiological aspects of birthing, which leads you to a clear understanding of how our bodies are perfectly designed to birth our babies.

    This program has been developed with the sincere intention of empowering women with belief and confidence in their innate ability to birth.So that when the time comes they will trust in, and surrender, to their feminine birthing body.  Birthing in this way allows your baby to be born calmly into their new world, free of birth trauma.  Being born in this way sees your baby begin life from a very strong, favorable position.

    Is womb life really so important?

    Yes it is.  Womb life is now recognised as one of the most important and influential times in a child’s life.  It shapes your baby’s future, both physically and emotionally.  This program offers everything you need to maintain an optimum womb environment for your baby.

    I have had periods of stress during my pregnancy; does this mean my baby will be negatively affected?

    No, your body is designed to deal will short term stress, and so can your baby.  It is long term, chronic stress that negatively influences a baby’s development.  For most of us, avoiding stress completely may be an unrealistic goal.  Being able to recognise stress and having the tools to successfully manage, reduce and moderate your reaction to stressful situations is essential and achievable.  This program will guide you through simple but effective techniques that you can use throughout pregnancy, birthing and beyond to maintain balance and wellbeing.

    Do I have to go on an expensive course to get the full benefits of this program?

    No, not at all.  This program was developed as a ‘home preparation’.  Everything is explained simply and clearly.  It is easily to follow and understand.  It contains all you need to know to maintain optimum health for you and your baby throughout pregnancy and achieve a positive birth experience.  Anyone attending my clinic for bio energy while following the program can avail of additional support and tutoring upon request.

    I don’t have a high pain threshold, how could I possibly give birth naturally?

    Birth does not need to be a painful experience.  We have been conditioned to think of birth in this way.  When we change our perception of birth, amazing things can happen.  Birth has the potential to be the most empowering experience of your life.  Preparation and an understanding of how our bodies are perfectly designed to birth our babies with ease, paves the way to a natural birth.  When birth is allowed to proceed naturally and the birthing environment is respected, a woman’s body can very effectively move through birth without pain.  This program shows you exactly how to surrender to your birthing body and trust your innate birthing ability.

    Can I still use this program even if I’m 100% sure I want an epidural?

    Yes, you can still use this program very successfully even if you are sure you want an epidural.  As this program guides you through pregnancy and birth, you will gain all the benefits of optimising your baby’s womb life and during birth it will still be hugely beneficial for both you and your baby to use the visualisation and breathing techniques taught in this program.

    Why do I need a birth plan?

    A birth plan is a way of expressing to your midwife your birth preferences and beliefs on what you would like from your birth experience.  It details your desires regarding birthing positions, pain relief and medical interventions.  It is a good idea to start thinking about your birth plan well in advance as it helps you get a good feel for how you would like your birth to proceed and what you feel strongly about.  Although you obviously cannot plan exactly how your birth will unfold, it does ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.  It is your right to have a birth plan and it is your right to ask for your birthing wishes to be respected and aimed for, even if this is your first pregnancy and birth.

    No women in my female circle have breastfed, where can I find support?

    Not having any family or close friends who have breastfed does not mean you cannot breastfeed successfully.  There are plenty of breastfeeding support groups such as La Leche League and Cuidiu (an Irish support group), which are only too happy to offer advice and support.  Ask your midwife or childbirth provider for your closest support group.  Most hospitals also run weekly breastfeeding clinics.  Another option becoming increasingly popular is to attend breastfeeding classes run by a private lactation consultant.   Again, preparation is essential.  Research what support is available in your area well before your baby is due and try to attend a few classes while still pregnant.  This way, you will know exactly where to go for advice should you experience any feeding difficulties in the early days.  If you are having a hospital birth, ask to see the resident lactation consultant or an experienced breastfeeding midwife to answer any questions you may have before going home and to check if your latch is correct.  The most important thing to remember is; if you are experiencing any difficulty at all, no matter how small it may seem, ask for help.  With the right support and advice any problem you are experiencing can be overcome.

    What exactly is a Doula and would you recommend hiring one?

    A doula is a professionalbirthing companionThe Doula’s primary objective is to nurture and support a woman through her birth experience.  While a Doula is by no means a necessity for achieving a natural, positive birth, especially when following this program;  I would recommend hiring a doula, if possible, in certain situations.  It would be beneficial to consider hiring a doula for additional support if you are a single mother or if your partner has a genuine dislike for hospitals or the sight of blood.Your partners discomfort could unintentionally negatively influence the birth outcome.The presence of a doula can encourage birth partners to relax more and instils in parents the confidence to communicate more effectively with their caregiver.

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