Positive Parenting

It is now recognized that half of a child’s personality is more than likely already developed before birth through downloading information from their environment.  They are completely aware of and respond to the outside world…..

Observing your own negative behaviours, understanding their origins and working to change these before birth will ensure you don t transfer these behaviour s to your baby. Unresolved conflicts and emotional baggage can be passed on from generation to generation.   Self- reflection and a truthful, non- judgemental assessment of your habitual responses will increase your awareness and teach you to become a more conscious parent. This is a very important exercise for your partner to do also.  Parenting needs preparation, and that preparation begins with ‘self’.  You can only bring your child to the same level of awareness as you yourself have reached.  Regular reflection calls for you to be true to yourself.  To be able to give unconditional love and pass on a high level of self-esteem to your children you need to first love yourself.  Raising your own awareness of ‘self’ before the birth and working towards positive changes individually and as a couple gives you a great head start as parents.  Following this program naturally initiates your self-development.

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