Simple tips for a Positive Birth Experience

Preparation is the key to achieving a positive birth experience. In general society conditions us to believe that birth is a medical procedure that needs to be medically managed. Birth is a completely natural, physiological process that your female body had been perfectly designed to perform. Approaching your birth with a positive and confident outlook will influence your birth experience. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your birth experience.

  • Learning how to relax your mind during pregnancy through breathing and visualisation techniques will help your body remain loose and relaxed during birthing. The Enlightened Birth program guides you through all the techniques you will need to achieve this.
  • Have a Birth Plan. A birth plan helps you reflect on the type of birth you would like and what is important to you. It will ensure that both you and your midwife are working towards the same goals during your birthing.
  • Stay at home for as long as you can. Being in your own, safe surroundings will help your body move through birthing more efficiently. A hospital environment can make you tense and slow your progression.
  • Listen to your body. Your body knows what position is best for you to adopt. Moving around, spiralling your hips and changing positions can all help you progress by encouraging your baby down the birth canal.
  • Use the soothing effects of water. Getting into the bath or even having a shower if there is no bath available to you can be a very effective way of managing discomforts.
  • Don’t push- BREATHE. When the time comes, use your breath to birth your baby. Mother led birth breathing reduces the risk of trauma to both you and your baby. Again, this topic is covered in detail in Enlightened Birth.
    A calm, gentle birth is not an unrealistic expectation to have. It should be the norm. When you empower yourself with the knowledge of how to support your birthing body and have the confidence to ask for your wishes to be respected and aimed for, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of experiencing an enlightening, positive birth for both you and your baby.
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