I was extremely fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to use the “Enlightened Birth” program throughout my second pregnancy and during birthing. This powerful program guided me to the enlightened and natural birth that I had always wished for. It inspired me and developed my ability to focus within and trust my birthing body. Through the enlightened birth program I explored and discovered the importance of conscious parenting and learned how to bond with my baby in the womb and after birth. It developed and strengthened my breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques and provided me with the necessary tools to support me and my baby through pregnancy and birthing. I will always treasure my positive and natural birthing experience and will be forever grateful to Aisling and her amazing “Enlightened Birth” program.

Author's imageElaine Glavey

I went to Aisling Connolly for bio-energy during the second trimester of my first pregnancy as I was experiencing back and hip pain. Almost immediately I felt relief. I continued to go to Aisling for bio energy and pregnancy massage and sailed through the rest of my pregnancy feeling relaxed, positive and full of energy.
For my second pregnancy, I went to Aisling straight away and again had another fantastic nine months. I also followed Aisling’s ‘Enlightened Birth’ book and CD program. It’s the only way to go! This book gives you such a simple and clear understanding of how our bodies are made to naturally birth our babies with ease. I used the breathing techniques I learned from this book to gently and calmly birth my second baby- What an amazing experience! Completely different from the ineffective coached pushing of my first birth. I highly recommend this program, and to anyone following it, all I can say is …..Enjoy”
I also cannot recommend Aisling herself highly enough. She has a calm and caring nature and has you leaving her clinic feeling positive and energised. After a combination of bio energy, her fabulous pregnancy massage and educating myself through ‘Enlightened Birth’ we have two beautiful, healthy baby boys. They are calm relaxed babies and have had no sickness.

Author's imageShiela Sammon

Mothers in Ireland, including myself, have traditionally been brainwashed into thinking that when it comes to pre-labour, labour and post-labour, we lack the knowledge, confidence and support to make independent choices.
Aisling Connolly dispels this myth. From our first chat, Aisling reinforced my hunch – the mother is capable of believing and doing anything. Forget busy labour ward fears and snappy antenatal appointments, Aisling was a constant source of reassurance and unbiased information, always eager to encourage my physical, emotional and psychological well-being during my pregnancy and in preparation for my beautiful baby’s birth.
Aisling understood and respected my wishes, preferences and fears. Reading Enlightened Birth helped my husband understand his important role as birth partner and confidently participate during and in pre and post labour.
Specifically, Aisling helped me greatly in the following ways through her realistic, tried and tested, centuries-old advice:
The natural ability and will to succeed with breastfeeding – 7 months on, baby and I are still enjoying this bonding.
Excellent guidance on visualisation and breathing techniques during labour and birth – eliminated the need for me having an emergency c-section which the obstetric team were almost forcing. I was able to remain calm and imagine my baby naturally making her way into the world. Thanks to Aisling’s words ringing in my mind, I was determined and confident this would happen.
In the end, my labour (first child) time was not reduced but it was not the scary endeavour I always expected it to be.
Thanks for making this happen Aisling.

Author's imageJohanna Clancy